Design Research

Design Research

In today's businesses, Market insights and the deep understanding about the customers, influences, decision makers and buyers can help companies, organisations, government to plan and provide their products/services. What is all the more important is to get the right company to fetch important insights from the sub-conscious minds of the customers and also match it with the trends and future innovation opportunities.

Design Research is the starting point for all our projects. We are equipped with unique research techniques: Metaphor Elicitation Technique, Bodystorming, Observational Research and many more.Every project starts with a new combination of techniques. At Lotusutra, we understand the present scenario, define the context, gather insights and then start with the ideation to give you the final design which is beyond the end user’s expectation.

Design Audit: Current practices of the organization are reviewed from a holistic design perspective. After that we identify gaps and recognize opportunities. Implementable Design Directions are suggested to improve overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. read more

Wellness Research:In depth research was done in schools covering - International Baccalaureate, AICSE, CBSE and State Board. The classes were conducted as a medium of interaction and digital technology was used to engage more

Opportunity Mapping: After gathering the insights from different research methodologies, the factors are mapped to compare and see the opportunity areas in the given context.

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