WELLNESS Game Design

Wellness Edutainment Board & Card Games

World needs healthy and dynamic children and youth who can take responsibility of themselves and the environment.

It took months of extensive research to come up with the first Wellness Edutational Game. It teaches as well as entertains the kids. It is an interactive game “HEALTHY GO ROUND” to introduce children to health and wellness issues through play rather than textbook learning.

We understood the lifestyle, food habits and activities of children of age group 8 onwards. We also conducted market research to understand consumer behavior while buying a board game. The game has more symbols than words, as children are still learning the basic language. This fun learning-tool focuses on seven aspects of wellness: physical,mental, emotional, intellectual, social, educational, and environmental. It can accommodate a maximum of six players. The game is designed in such a way that the family members can all enjoy the game and learn both about wellness as well as about each other.

The game inculcates healthy habits among children as they start eating fruits and home cooked food. It also makes them confident about themselves. The children also starts contributing to the environment by initiatives like plantation and watering.

With an intent to make a difference in society, We are now taking our design directions to the next level by focusing on reaching the masses. The Board Game Concept which has been designed, is the first wellness game of its kind and will bring about a change in the destiny of the future generation.


We have designed a board game and card game to fight against the COVID - 19 pandemic for children, Youth, all age-groups and all family members.

Key Benefits of the Games

  • Build Immunity through preventive and pre-cautionary measures.

  • Physical Fitness through Yoga and eating healthy vegetables

  • Acting upon the Dos and Dont's to avoid Covid-19

Key Features

  • Learn good habits while you play

  • Fun way to learn yoga

  • Understanding importance of Fruits & Vegetables

  • Taking Action towards Positive Growth

  • Developing Healthy mindset to care about each other

  • Respecting nature and saving environment