Visual Communication Design

Our design approach brings out the inherent power of brands to reach to the hearts of the customer; delight them with an unforgettable experience. We internalize the core essence of the client’s business and connect it with the seen/unseen need of the customers. It strengthens the relationship between the brands and the respective customers.


AMLA JUICE : The Logo was designed with an intent to bring natural essence of the Amla, using features like Amla leaf as integral part of the graphics. The flow and direction was created to complement the nature of Amla Juice. The entire Form was balanced to create focus & impact in split seconds.

HEALTHY GO ROUND: The name was decided for the health educational game designed during the initial months of the establishment of Lotusutra.The name was finalized keeping in mind the race format and the classical more

AAHAAR: After an extensive design research, the health brand “Aahaar” became the first venture of Lotusutra. Print Ads were designed, not only to introduce new healthy food items but also to communicate the health benefits of the food ingredients.


Lotusutra designs brand identity and packaging for Amla Juice. The impactful message was translated into a visual story depicting the essence and benefits of Amla.The Visual Appearance engages consumer to understand the core message which triggers the correct usage and "call for action".


PRODUCT BROCHURE DESIGN: The brochure was designed as part of summer collection for international brand of kids wear.Research Based Design Project resulted in deeper understanding of children. Brochure message was articulated in poems and stories to add fun-loving characters of children and to make it contextually successful.

CORPORATE BROCHURE DESIGN: The brochure was designed to target the managers, to share clients identity, their feedback, experience with the service provider "TWB" and their success stories. It also explains the nitygritties of the service and offers.