Wellness Research

Observational Research

Environment plays an important role for children development whether it’s their school, home or playground . All the environments have their own significance. It becomes foremost requirement to understand these environments holistically and analyze it from different perspectives. School is one place where children interact with other children of their age as well as younger and elder ones. We started research by visiting different schools following different

educational boards and observing the children studying, playing, conversing, expressing themselves. Not only that, I also observed the teachers, their attitude towards children and their quality of teaching.It was also necessary to look at the educational aids, material, infrastructure and facilities in the school. It was at most important for me to spend quality time in observing them in the class whole day.

Observations helped the design team in knowing the precise reality of current scenario. We came to know that to what extent the wellness dimensions are part of the school environment. The difference in existing levels of wellness dimensions was evident as mapped by us later.

MET Metaphor Elicitation Technique

One of the most effective and advanced technique, which reaches to the core of the context.

In MET, the visual language was used to know the children’s way of making choices and the reasons behind their choices.


• Showing images - Waiting for them to comment

• Asking Questions - Directly asking What,Why,Where,How,When?

• Confirming Answers - by cross checking their response in other images with twisted question

Sample Variation - The number of children was changed with change in research aids which makes output correct with no dependence upon influence of peers.

Insights from above to methods were used to develop first of its kinds Wellness Edutainment Games, which was recognized as one of the potential business ideas in Power of Idea National Level Business Plan Competition.

Technology Intervention

With changing paradigms, technology becomes essential for the growth of all sectors. We use technology to understand the buying behavior & customer response at different scenarios like retail, open space and even while using a specific product, service and both.