Alya Studio

We specialize in Experiential Space Design. With in-house Textile & Space Experts, we execute turnkey interior design & civil projects in commercial and residential domain. We have dedicated vendors and associates with 40 years of creative and execution experience.

Interior Design

The project started with a certain need to revamp the office space using pp non-woven and pu/pvc leather materials manufactured by the client and to switch the conventional interiors of the entire office to an innovative space where ideas flow smoothly among the employees as well as for the clients.

The project taken forward by Nidhi Nikhanj the founder of Alya Studio, refreshed the interiors with radical enhancements. The furniture was given a new form and color, walls were given trendy color theme and textures.

Products display was enhanced with contextual lighting to highlight the essential details of the textured leather. Employees of the company also got charged up with their involvement in the design process.

The commendable work got successfully completed in the deadline set by the client.