The Creative Compass

Post date: Sep 13, 2012 6:04:40 PM

Dear Friends,Wishing everyone "Happy Teachers Day."We all learn from each-other and that's a healthy co-creation.But,We also keep advising each-other what to do / what not to do. We find ourselves worried about our kids, friends and families.Alot of stress builds up for Parents when their children are studying in 9th,10th,11th and 12th. Ever heard Mother's whispering "Bhagwann, Bus Mere Bache Ka Future Bann Jaye" (Oh God, I wish to see my son's bright future).

In India, alot of stress evolves in the minds of parents. If you ask so called trouble makers (children), they don't understand any bit of parents' concern. They are happy watching TV, movies, playing games and...... Some hate school and tuitions, some like studying, some can balance, some are just flowing with the wind.

Are you wondering, Why am I getting into it?Well, As I shifted to the TriCity. I am back home and my younger brother has 6 months to finish 12th and simultaneously gear up for Entrance Exams in 2013. As a bouncing ball, I come right in middle of the Parent/Kid meta-communication. Unlike Chinese Whisper, the communication get elaborated and enhanced with every person entering into the chain. My work starts with making my brother aware about his graduation options as per his interest and skill set. He is already occupied with school, tuitions, basketball, TV, FB, PC games and friends. Here, I used little bit of professionalism and started counselling and preparation sessions for him. Gradually, Children increased and now they are enthusiastically preparing for NID Entrance.

This was the inception of THE CREATIVE COMPASS, an educational initiative which guides children to learn creative skills to become responsible youth, equipped with three virtues of courage, wisdom and compassion. We don't use terms like teacher/student.We are facilitators to strengthen their own potential.

We intend to dye them with creative colors, to validate "Blue deeper than Indigo".

Pankaj Sehjowalia