NID grad designs wellness game to improve kids’ health graph

Post date: Jul 8, 2012 12:55:11 PM

NID grad designs wellness game to improve kids’ health graph

Pankaj Sehjowalia is set to launch wellness gaming product to make children health conscious and alter their food habits in a playful manner.

About 1,000 students of 10 schools in the city were surveyed before designing the edutainment product

An NID graduate has designed unique interactive edutainment products and services to make children health conscious and alter their food habits in a playful manner. Pankaj Sehjowalia, whose company Lotusutra incubated with National Design Business Incubator in June 2009, is set to launch his wellness gaming brand, HealthyGoRound, this month. A post-graduate in Strategic Design Management, Pankaj’s wellness board games are inspired by his personal experience.

Talking about his product, Pankaj said, “Self realisation inspired me to design this wellness inspired board games. I and my friend were facing several health problems. To overcome them, we thought of coming up with products that will cater to the health needs of children as for us making the root stronger is the priority.”

Pankaj, who got the help from textile designer Nidhi Nikhanj in designing the product, believe his product will mark the beginning of health revolution. “It will introduce children to health and wellness issues through play-way technique instead of textbook learning. Our country needs healthy and dynamic children and youth who can take responsibility of themselves and the environment.”

Pankaj Sehjowalia and Nidhi Nikhanj with the product

The researchIt took months of extensive research to come up with the unique concept of wellness edutainment board games. Lotusutra team conducted a study on the lifestyle, food habits and activities of children in the age group of 8 to 15 years. As part of the survey, the team interacted with around 1,000 children of 10 schools in Ahmedabad. “The interactions with the children was an eye-opener. We found that most of the children carry unhealthy foods like maggi, bread, chips and biscuits in their tiffin. They have less physical activities in their routine. We also conducted market research to understand consumer behaviour buying a board game. Once the prototype was made, we conducted a pilot testing of the games. Around 25 children in the preferred age group played our board and card games. They thoroughly enjoyed it and also gave us some useful inputs,” Pankaj said.The gameHealthyGoRound board game, which has more symbols than words, is a fun learning tool that focuses on seven aspects of wellness — physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, educational, and environmental. Two to six players can play this game at a time. “The game is designed in such a way that along with the children even the elders can enjoy the game and learn about wellness. Each player has to earn power cards that will encourage them to eat healthy, do exercise and also help them to learn team spirit. This game is aimed at inculcating healthy habits among children by encouraging them to eat fruits and home cooked food,” said Nidhi whose insights on child psychology played an important role in designing the games.

One of the team member of Lotusutra, Karan Arora, a Graphic Design graduate from NID, has designed an interactive comic book to create awareness on drinking water habits among children. He conducted a five-month research to design his art work.

This will also be launched in the market along with the interactive board games. Starting with St Kabir School, Pankaj will also be conducting workshops in schools to encourage healthy lifestyle and wellness among school children. Lotusutra is a design and business consultancy started by Pankaj with a vision to integrate wellness in everyone’s life.