We have designed wellness board and card games to fight against the COVID - 19 pandemic for children, youth, all family members and all age groups.

Key Benefits of the Games

  • Build Immunity through preventive and pre-cautionary measures.

  • Physical Fitness through Yoga and eating healthy vegetables

  • Acting upon the Dos and Dont's to avoid Covid-19

Key Features

  • Learn good habits while you play

  • Fun way to learn yoga

  • Understanding importance of Fruits & Vegetables

  • Taking Action towards Positive Growth

  • Developing Healthy mindset to care about each other

  • Respecting nature and saving environment


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Email : pankaj@lotusutra.com


Lotusutra is a research and design studio, an integral part of L'ART Group Inc., aims to integrate wellness in everyone's life. Lotusutra is a trend setters in the field of " design for wellness" in the world by providing radical innovations in all the dimensions of wellness.

Lotusutra brings into life revolutionary solutions with unique combination of research techniques and design expertise.

Lotusutra aims to provide international wellness edutainment products and services for urban children to alter their food habits through play where as due to daily consumption of junk food. 50% of Indian Population comprising of youth and childrens' health is in jeopardy.


  • To be the foremost contributor in imparting wellness through innovation.


  • To design a healthy correlation of human and environment.

  • To amalgamate design thinking in education system in order to sensitize the children and the youth

  • To collaborate with entities working in the field of education, food and games and integrating wellness.