About Us

The Foundation
Lotusutra is a complete solution provider in diverse fields of design.The company integrates the dimensions of wellness in all their projects.It helps the clients to sustain eco-friendly and healthy practices with design intervention. It is not only beneficial for the environment but also for their employees and thus making the clients more innovation oriented, more productive and market leaders.The company aims to bring about a positive change in human beings by reintroducing them to wellness approach.

The Team
Pankaj Sehjowalia, the Managing Director at Lotusutra. He heads the Research and Design Team at Lotusutra, with the determination to propagate action oriented wellness through design.After completing Post Graduation Programme in Strategic Design Management from National Institute of Design, He made Lotusutra equipped with diverse experience in Design Research, Branding, Product Design and Marketing Management.

Nidhi Nikhanj, the Creative Director at Lotusutra, has worked on diverse projects, one among those is Delhi Metro. She is equipped with multiple design skills in Textile Design and Sculptures. Her work in Design for Space, Interior Design is marvelous. She loves cooking new contemporary recipes using traditional Indian Spices. Aahaar - the first health brand of India was launched utilizing her interest as the key driving force.

Malav Sanghavi is a Graduate in Product Design at National Institute of Design (NID). A passionate designer who believes in giving products an innovative edge and a new market place. He has won 2nd prize in Mahendra Powerol GenSet competition and worked on many potential products. Patent applied for the new era of products designed, which will soon make their space in the world.

Karan Arora is a Graphic Designer from NID. An expert in calligraphy and visual language, always add a new and fresh perspective.His inclination towards health solutions and interest towards children oriented design solutions, supports profound mission of the company.

Austin Davis is a Toy and Game Designer at National Institute of Design and a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. His basic interest is in developing playful products for different platforms. Creating an experience to have fun is what he looks forward to achieving through his work. He also has a keen interest in photography and working with amusing character designs.

Prarthna Ahuja is a Toy and Game Designer at National Institute of Design and a graduate in Communication design. Game design and development is her primary interest. The craft of blending creativity with amusement, challenges, imagery and fascinating characters excites her. Her experience in Ethnographic research, ideation and forecasting methods adds to her design knowledge.

Calyx Ecology.Design is our partner for Architectural Projects, Landscape Design, Exhibits & Digital Displays. The firm brings in 15 years of rich experience in commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Vendors & Consultants
Lotusutra forms dynamic teams as per the need of the project.
Our creative consultants are specialized in various design and technical disciplines.
Our vendors are specialized in turnkey solutions for interiors & civil projects.